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Last Chance Hotel

Recorded at Dancing Sky Studio

5213 - 55st Yellowknife, NT X1A 1X4
Produced by Stephen Kakfwi and Rick Poltaruk
Engineered by Rick Poltaruck
All songs written by Stephen Kakfwi

Back in the day
When we were young
I remember oh so well
I thought they would never end
There was a log house
It has stories to tell
Our refuge in our youth
We called it our Last Chance Hotel

We grew to be women
We grew to be men
Our summers were so long
The days we spent with friends
We laughed, we lived
We loved and we cried
Many a broken heart fell
Inside the Last Chance Hotel

We talked of dreams
All virgins and liars
Our futures oh so bright
Lit like a thousand bonfires
We heard Dene drums
And the Rolling Stones
We heard Bob Dylan too
Inside the Last Chance Hotel

Some of us lived
Some of us died
Fortunes, families made
We danced in a new parade
Through years of tears
Some of us tried
I wish to go back there
Back to the Last Chance Hotel

Was it torn down?
Did it burn to the ground?
I don’t remember the end
The times were all about change
There’s Dene drums
There’s stories to tell
I’m wishing to go there
Back to the Last Chance Hotel

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Copyright @ 2010 Stephen Kakfwi
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