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Your Journey

Recorded at Dancing Sky Studio
5112 - 51st Yellowknife, NT X1A 1F7
Produced by
Stephen Kakfwi and Rick Poltaruk
Engineered by Rick Poltaruk
Lyrics by Stephen Kakfwi

The morning of your journey
You have the will to win.
You’re so young and angry
And you have the strength within.
You will lead the old and weary
The world should be
Where you think
And your passion it is a prism
To see the world that you are in.

You will pray with the prophet
With admiration in your eyes
You will reach to hold the truth
And you will turn from all the lies
But your Judas will be with you
Until he is paid for selling you
And your passion will make a prison
And change the world that you are in.

You will find yourself alone
In an angry moving sea
You will fight to get somewhere
With the ones who cannot see
And you will hear your demons call
Deep inside your prison wall
And your passion is now your prison
And it’s a lonely world that you’re in.

Then somewhere in your journey
You will despair that all will end
He will calm that stormy sea
And you will find some peace within
Then you will go on to do
What the Master has meant for you
His love will fill the emptiness
And change the world that you are living in.

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Copyright @ 2010 Stephen Kakfwi
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