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Lazarus Sittichinli

Recorded at Dancing Sky Studio
5112 - 51st Yellowknife, NT X1A 1F7
Produced by
Stephen Kakfwi and Rick Poltaruk
Engineered by Rick Poltaruk
Lyrics by Stephen Kakfwi

Lazarus Sittichinli was to me
Proudest man who’ll ever be
Young Sittichinli grew like a tree
Two feet taller’n you and me
His mind it was clear and strong
Sittichinli, I sing your song.

A great tall handsome Gwitchin man
Strong and tall was the way he’d stand
He made his living proud Gwitchin man
He lived his life on Gwitchin land.

Lazarus Sittichinli came to be
Special constable of the RCMP
He wanted his people treated fair
He was not a man that you could scare
The lost patrol was a tragedy
It should have been led by Sittichinli.


He hunted Albert Johnson down
Then buried him in his home town
Johnson didn’t treat his people fair
So Sittichinli had to put him there
Yah! Albert Johnson sure turned pale
When he saw Sittichinli on his trail.

Then when God called Sittichinli home
He spoke these words for him alone
“Sittichinli, good Gwitchin man,
Come on home to the promised land”
All the people stood and cried
The day old Sittichinli died.

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Copyright @ 2010 Stephen Kakfwi
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