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Recorded at Dancing Sky Studio
5112 - 51st Yellowknife, NT X1A 1F7
Produced by
Stephen Kakfwi and Rick Poltaruk
Engineered by Rick Poltaruk
Lyrics by Stephen Kakfwi

Arrowmaker, Tlicho man
Arrowmaker fought for his land
Arrowmaker born to lead
Son of Monfwi, was born to lead.

Arrowmaker, spoke his mind
Born a chief, the last of his kind
Visionary like we never had,
Edzo and Monfwi,
Were the last men like that.

Arrowmaker built a town
Wekweti, right from the ground
Arrowmaker, never afraid
All through the years,
How hard we prayed.

Arrowmaker, all he has done
Battles he's fought, battles he's won
Arrowmaker, a man so strong
He's still standing,
Singing his song.

Arrowmaker, he’s still not done
He will sing ‘til he’s only one
The drum…Do you hear his song?
And who will sing it
When this man is gone?

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Copyright @ 2010 Stephen Kakfwi
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