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About Stephen Kakfwi
An Introduction

IN the past quarter century Canada’s north and all its residents, especially Aboriginal people, have undergone a remarkable political, democratic, environmental, economic, cultural and geo-political transformation.

Stephen Kakfwi, former Northwest Territories Premier and Dene Nation President, has been at the forefront of all these developments.

His experiences and perspectives on a wide range of historic and contemporary NWT issues make Stephen Kakfwi a popular public speaker at conferences and meetings of resource industries, the academic community, environmental organizations, governments and Aboriginal people.

Stephen Kakfwi can help Canadians to learn more about the north, to understand the experiences of the Dene, the contemporary challenges all northerners face, their vision for a self governing and self reliant territory, and the importance of all these developments for the rest of Canada.

He has been outspoken in his beliefs on the importance of NWT Aboriginal participation in the northern political and economical mainstream, balancing northern resource development with stewardship of the land, and protecting and preserving NWT Aboriginal languages, culture and traditions.

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