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Spirit of Yamogha - Dene Songs New Strings on an Old Guitar In the Walls of His Mind Last Chance Hotel

Spirit of Yamogha - Songs of the Dene

Recorded at Rip Roar Records

copyright @ 2008 All rights reserved
Produced by Randall Prescott and Stephen Kakfwi
Engineered by Marty Jones, Gareth Auden-Hole, Kaylen Prescott,
Randall Prescott and Nathan Jubb

Yahkehgotine - A Dene Prayer Song

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The Legends of Yamoria and Yamogha
Spirit of Yamogha
Michael Grandgambe's Love Song (for Rosie)
Duhogha - Dehcho
Cotchilly Behyene
Red Blue Golden Turquoise Painted Horse
Love Song for Marie
Prophecy - The Four Directions
First Sign of Spring
A Stick Gambling Song
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