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Embassy News Release
December 14, 2005
Steve Kakfwi has been a busy man in the two years since he left politics following a prominent career as an MLA, minister and finally premier in the Northwest Territories.
Kakfwi Demands Revenue Petroleum News Canadian – March 2005
Stephen Kakfwi, a former Northwest Territories premier and now chief negotiator for the Sahtu, has been adamant that a C$7 billion pipeline will not be allowed to cross aboriginal land and “face the prospect we will be as poor as we are today.”
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Prime Minister announces appointments to the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy February 16, 2005, Ottawa
Prime Minister Paul Martin today announced the appointments of Elyse Allan, Alan F. Amey, Katherine M. Bergman, Richard Drouin, Stephen Kakfwi, David Kerr, Manon Laporte, Audrey McLaughlin, Dee Parkinson-Marcoux, Darren Allan Riggs, Robert Schad and Sheila Watt-Cloutier as members of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy...
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Petroleum News Canadian April 2005
It’s easy to reach a conclusion that the Mackenzie Gas Project has been frozen in time as squabbling and court actions continue between the Deh Cho First Nations and the Canadian government.
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Gas pipeline shutdown 'a real option' Mackenzie Valley warning: Aboriginal firm and negotiator say window is closing APEX Resources Group Release March, 2005
CALGARY - Two key players in the $7-billion Mackenzie natural gas pipeline project warned yesterday that time is running out to save the massive venture. Bob Reid, president of the Aboriginal Pipeline Group, said the project's partners have set a six-to-eight-week window to settle key agreements with aboriginals and the federal government, after which shutting down the project is "a real option.
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Headlined by a former Prime Minister and a former Premier of the Northwest Territories, World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada) held a press conference on Parliament Hill today to express its strong expectation that the federal government must commit to sustainable development and conservation in the Northwest Territories’ Mackenzie Valley.
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Former Northwest Territories Premier Stephen Kakfwi today released a report on his review of the Northwest Territories Protected Areas Strategy (NWT-PAS), praising its use as a tool for communities in the north to find an effective long-term balance between the benefits of economic development, and the protection of culturally and environmentally significant lands.
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