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April 2005
It’s easy to reach the conclusion that the Mackenzie Gas Project has been frozen in time as squabbling and court actions continue between the Deh Cho First Nations and the Canadian government.

But other issues are starting to bedevil the regulatory process, as residents of the Northwest Territories add to the list of concerns.

An official with the National Energy Board confirmed earlier in March in Yellowknife that public hearings will not start before the end of summer, well behind the possible spring start that the project backers had hoped for at one time.

Kakfwi, a vigorous supporter of the current Mackenzie project but a key player in stalling the initial attempts to develop Canada’s Arctic gas in the 1970s, told D.I.A.N.D. Minister Scott he does not like the notion that the devolution of power to the Northwest Territories “is being drafted in the bowels of government but I’m not engaged.”

He said the Akaitcho, Deh Cho and K’ahsho Got’ine all want to participate in developing the northern strategy.

The Akaitcho and Deh Cho are ready to take their fight to the courts unless they get assurances that the transfer of powers will not affect existing and future land treaties — a battle that could also spill over to the Mackenzie project.
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