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A Strong voice in Aboriginal Issues

I always believed that Aboriginal people in the north might be able to reverse the experience in the provinces. Even though we experienced some setbacks historically, we have been able to build strong foundations for the future. I think this time we will do it “right” in the north.

A Strong Voice in Health and Wellness
 For Aboriginal people, strength, health and wellness will only be achieved when we force ourselves to control our destiny. We must go beyond looking at ourselves as victims of the injustices of the past and present.
A Strong Voice in Environment
You can’t depend on federal politicians and officials in Ottawa to effectively manage the north’s environment and resources. One day our government institutions, both public and Aboriginal, will have the complete control required to manage our environment from a truly northern perspective.
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A Strong Voice in Politics
For decades, the Dene stood by while industry and government have prospered from the resource wealth of NWT while not much was returned. That’s changed in the Sahtu and throughout the NWT. We are now involved in deciding when and how minerals, oil and gas are developed. We will now directly share in the wealth from their development.
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