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About Kakfwi & Associates
A Strong Voice in Health and Wellness

"For Aboriginal people, strength, health and wellness will only be achieved when we force ourselves to control our destiny. We must go beyond looking at ourselves as victims of the injustices of the past and present."

Kakfwi & Associates approach to Aboriginal health and wellness is a combination of strong individuals, strong families and strong communities. Strength is fundamental to controlling their destiny.

"We also believe that Aboriginal individuals, families and communities need to develop strong ties with their past trhough respect for and dialogue with elders; learning and passing on culture and traditions to the youth; and speaking their Aboriginal languages."

"With a strong foundation based upon these straightforward, yet fundamental conditions, Aboriginal people will be well placed to face demands of life in our challenging world."

"We recognize it is unrealistic to expect that most Aboriginal people can live a self-sufficient life in a traditional land – based life style. Aboriginal strength, health and wellness today means education, skills and experience in the modern economy."

In the north over the last century Aboriginal people have experienced the devastating effects of residential schools, the loss of their culture, language and lifestyle, racism and discrimination, disease and poverty and the loss of their land and institutions.

Under the leadership of Stephen Kakfwi and other Aboriginal leaders, the Dene, Métis, Inuvialuit and Inuit are turning the corner. Individuals, families and communities are leading healthier lifestyles. Land rights and self government settlements are providing the tools to chart their destiny in the modern world. Aboriginal youth are graduating from high schools, technical institutes and universities in large numbers.

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